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The Bingobeast
More than ten years ago I started collecting and restoring Bally Bingo's. These machines mostly originate from the 50 'and 60' s. In my childhood fascination with the bingo's already started. But not until my retirement in sight, I went to the old slots collection.

After a few years I met other Bally Bingo collectors and together we continued  this hobby, and I started restoring the machines. In particular my friends Peter Hoebert, who own a great game room, and who made his extensive parts inventory available and of course Coos Hakvoort. He is capable to produce components for the Bally Bingo's that are no longer available. This started with the remake of all buttons in the front bar and then with front bar covers. Until finally new spray templates, new backglasses and new playfields could be made.

Together we are able to restore Bally Bingo's, which are sometimes in a deplorable condition, again in a (almost) new condition. That's good because we still have a warehouse full of bingo's to be restored.

Frans Pilger
( the Bingobeast)
Read the report of the restoration of a
Bally Roller Derby


Our collection of Bally bingo's and the restoration of these machines is still the purpose of our hobby. By collecting them, there is a growing stock of Bally bingoís and some of those are of an identical type. Thus we have a lot of popular 1950s bingoís and all of the the Bally Bingo Magic Screen machines with and without OK feature in storage. Moreover there are a few very special and rare machines.

Lately we got several requests if we got a special Bally bingo for sale. A bingo which was played in the old days, with special memories. But the restoration is and remains a hobby, we donít have a showroom with new machines. Because we have a very large stock of unrestored cabinets, we can pretty much make the right Bally Bingo for you.
A full and comprehensive restoration report is part of the deal and if you want more info about your special bingorequest, please contact us.